Teenagers stabbed boy, 16, to death over £25 debt before boasting about attack

Two teens have been jailed for life after stabbing a 16-year-old boy to death over £25 drug debt.

Jamie Dixon, 19, and Lemar Anthony Forbes, 17, stabbed Sarmad Al-Saidi, 16, to death after ambushing him in a friends conservatory in December 2020.

Sarmad was lured to a house in Preston by another boy, Asad Hussain, 17, to discuss a £25 debt that he owed on December 23.

Dixon and Forbes were waiting around the corner until they received receive a signal that Sarmad was unarmed, Lancashire Police have said.

Hussain then tricked Sarmad into putting down the machete he was carrying, and then phoned the pair to tell them the boy was no longer armed.

Once Hussain, who had a baseball bat, confirmed this, the teens entered the house and stabbed him.

They then quickly left the scene within a matter of minutes, and Hussain stayed behind.

Hussain lied to the police that he did not know who the attackers were, and he was found with multiple stab injuries to his chest and legs in the conservatory of the Preston house.

Sadly, Sarmad lost his life a few days later on December 27 in hospital having never regained consciousness after the attack.

Jamie Dixon was jailed for life with a minimum of 19 years, while Lemar Forbes was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years.

This comes after Dixon had gloated to a friend on the phone that he had “done” Sarmad and a video was found on Forbes’ phone showing off his knife and saying he “stabbed Sarmad up.”

Forbes, of Preston, pleaded guilty to murder, while Dixon, of Leyland, was unanimously found guilty of murder after a trial in July at Liverpool Crown Court.

Hussain, 17, will face five years in prison after he was cleared of murder but was found guilty of conspiracy to commit section 18 assault after being sentenced at Preston Crown Court.

Judge Mr Justice Goss who sentenced all of the teens said it was a “tragic and troubling case”.

He continued: “A family have a lost a loved and cherished son.”

The devastated parents of Sarmad said in a statement that their son died at the hands of “three heartless cowards” in an “unprovoked attack”.

The said: “Our beloved son Sarmad, perhaps like your son, daughter or someone in your ward of care, had on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd December 2020 arranged to meet his friends at a mutual friend’s home.

“They were off the streets in the safety of a home, and taking some welcomed fun time together in between lockdowns.

“Sarmad and his friends spent the afternoon playing PS games, eating pizza and discussing what Christmas presents they were hoping for.

“What could not have been foreseen was that their afternoon would have been so horrifically interrupted, and end in Sarmad’s murder.

“Three heartless cowards who between them planned to murder our 16 year old defenceless precious child in an unprovoked attack.

“They came armed with weapons into the safety of someone’s home with a premeditated intention to kill. They knew the devastating impact they wanted to create.

“We will not have the wholesome family life. We will remain incomplete without Sarmad. His cheeky laughter will never again be heard in our home.

“The sentences given today for taking our beloved Sarmad’s life will never reflect the pain and devastation with which we are living each day.”

Speaking about the incident, Detective Chief Inspector Lee Wilson of Lancashire Police said: “While no sentence can ever reflect or make up for the senseless and violent act of murder, I am pleased that these despicable individuals will be in custody for a significant period of time.

“They all acted in an evil and cowardly way, and although Hussain was never convicted of murder he played an integral role in the conspiracy by ensuring Sarmad was unarmed and pinpointing Dixon and Forbes to exactly where he was.

“There is no doubt in my mind that they fully intended to kill Sarmad. As if that was not enough, they then revelled in his death.

“My sincere hope is that this case acts as a warning and wakeup call to any youngsters involved in gangs and knife crime about the consequences of both.

“If you carry a knife at some point you will end up using it.”