Lamar Jackson averaging more runs per game and more yards per carry than ever before

Throughout Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s NFL career, questions have been raised about when NFL defenses would figure out how to stop his unique ability to make plays with his legs at the running back position. Into Year Four of his career, it hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, far from running less as his career progresses, Jackson is running more than ever.

So far this season, Jackson is averaging 12.0 carries per game and 7.0 yards per carry. Those are both career-high marks.

If Jackson were to continue at his early pace for a full 17-game season, he would finish 2021 with 204 carries for 1,422 yards, easily breaking his own NFL single-season rushing record for a quarterback, which he set in 2019 when he had 176 carries for 1,206 yards.

Today in Denver, Vic Fangio will surely have a plan in place to stop Jackson’s running threat. But so far in his NFL career, it’s been rare for a defensive scheme to go as planned against Jackson.